2018 Summer Meeting Newsletter

President's Message 2018 has been a busy and exciting year for the ACTEC Foundation. In February, we went live with an updated website. The increased visibility for the Foundation and College have been outstanding...  >> Read full newsletter. Latest ACTEC Trust and...

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The GoFundMe Revolution

The GoFundMe Revolution: What Happens Once the Money Has Been Raised? Individual fundraising has gone digital and the funds raised are exponentially greater than in the past, however, the legal tax and fiduciary issues facing the money raised remain murky and largely unregulated.

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What’s in Your Creditor Protection Toolbox for Clients?

There are many tools available to planners to help them achieve client creditors’ protection objectives without the need for a self-settled asset protection trust. Hear ACTEC Fellows discuss asset-protection strategies such as Tenancy by the Entirety, asset protection trusts, discretionary trusts, and more.

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