T&E Litigation PODCASTS

Trust and estate litigation may not be avoidable. Fellows of The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) share recommendations and cautions to legal professionals (attorneys?) on topics from electronic will pitfalls, client privilege, trustee disputes, and more.

Removal of Trustees

How do you remove a trustee? A review of what to expect, the standard of proof, grounds and the role of equity court determinations.

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Silent Trusts

What are the issues posed by silent trusts? Are designated representatives a solution to silent trusts? Learn more.

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The Ethics of Disclosure and Testimony by Estate Planners

“Loose Lips Might Sink Ships—The Ethics of Disclosure by Estate Planners,” that is the subject of today’s ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk. Transcript/Show Notes This is Travis Hayes, ACTEC Fellow from Naples, FL. Have you ever received a letter requesting a copy of your...

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Levitan v. Rosen Case

Are trusts considered marital property? A review of the Levitan v. Rosen and Pfannenstiehl v. Pfannenstiehl cases offer considerations when drafting of marital property provisions in trust documents.

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Pre-Contest Planning

There are many techniques that may discourage challenges to your client’s estate planning documents, including steps the planner should take/avoid taking to assure client’s wishes are followed.

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Hot Topics in Estate Planning

Forefront on everyone’s mind is the new Tax Act. And so, certainly, we want to talk a little about that, because it’s important, and it’s a very hot topic.

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