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The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel Foundation is a nonprofit focused on providing trust, estate and tax learning for professionals, families and law students.
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Our professional education and resources offer valuable information for lawyers and financial services professionals.
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Our ACTEC Fellows help explain to families some of the basics of wills, estate planning, and guardianship.
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Law Students

Our commitment to funding legal education initiatives for law students, including the Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition.

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Lawyers as Trustees

How should a trust and estate attorney navigate the ethical and legal dilemma that occurs when a client asks for him or her to serve as a trustee?

Marrying into Elder Abuse

Elder abuse by marrying to obtain wealth is on the rise. Understand the inadequate and new laws surrounding the issue.

IRAs and IRA Beneficiaries

IRA beneficiary designations can be confusing. Learn the essentials of IRAs and naming IRA beneficiaries from trust and estate experts.


ACTEC Foundation

The ACTEC Foundation is a nonprofit that offers education to families and professionals and supports students interested in the trust and estate area of the law.

Our mission is to support scholarships to improve the law and by encouraging life-long learning. Our Fellows engage through programs which serve the community.

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Our Impact

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel Foundation was created in 1982 to support life-long learning in the areas of trust, estate, tax, and estate planning. Our Fellows are the best and brightest in the estate field, and generously share their expertise with the public.

Since 2008, nearly a million dollars in grants have been distributed.