Technology Recommendations PODCASTS

Fellows of The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) discuss web and technology impacts of topics from electronic wills to securing documents to alternate currencies like Bitcoin.

Biometric Recognition Cases

Learn about the latest legal developments with regard to the Biometric Information Privacy Act, biometric recognition and an individual’s personal privacy.

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Data Scraping

Data collection, data scraping, people analytics, UFADA and access to a decedent’s digital assets is the topic of this timely podcast.

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The Digital Will Revolution

Digital will, electronic will, e-will… no matter what you call it, practitioners will be confronted with this new type of will in the very near future. Learn more in this podcast.

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The GoFundMe Revolution

The GoFundMe Revolution: What Happens Once the Money Has Been Raised? Individual fundraising has gone digital and the funds raised are exponentially greater than in the past, however, the legal tax and fiduciary issues facing the money raised remain murky and largely unregulated.

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