ACTEC Foundation Longest Drive Challenge – Week 2 Update

May 8, 2024 | News

Round 2 Results

(As of May 7 at 5:00 PM ET)

First Place: Dana “Fitzy” Fitzsimons
Second Place: Liz “Hit-It-n-Hunt-It” Hutchins
Third Place: Suzy “Whaley” Walsh

“Fitzy” Fitzsimons raised $2,000 in Round 2 and continues to pace the field for The Foundation’s Spring Fundraiser. Congratulations, Fitzy!

Congratulations to: “Hit-It-n-Hunt-It” Hutchins (Southern Region) raised $1,150 to secure Second place. Suzy “Whaley” (New England Region) raised $900 to place Third.

May your drives be long, your putts true, and your hearts forever generous!

The ACTEC Foundation Longest Drive Challenge 2024 continues into the next round. Eight golfers, each representing an ACTEC region, are swinging for the fences, driving for glory, and putting for a great cause! They have raised over $14,125 as of the end of Round 2!

Drive Your Golfer Onto the Green Today

Stephanie Tuthill avatar.Rocky Mountain Region: Stephanie “Longdriver” Tuthill

Her favorite golfer is Jack Nicklaus, who is from her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Stephanie, a Regent from Colorado, doesn’t want to let Colorado or her favorite golfer down. After all, Jack won his first major championship, the 1959 U.S. Amateur, at The Broadmoor, a property Fellows know and love.

Help Stephanie keep up Jack’s legacy by supporting her today!

James Lamm avatar.Great Lakes Region: “Slammin” Jim Lamm

Minnesota’s own “Slammin” Jim, a star in the Great Lakes Region, finds his inspiration in the legendary former world #1 golfer Tom Lehman. Just like Tom at Pebble Beach in 2015 (pictured above), Jim is seeking to finish with back-to-back birdies in rounds 3-4 to finish in first place and etch his own name into ACTEC golfing history. As Jim pursues a historic victory, like Tom at the 1996 Open Championship, it’s the support of Fellows like you that will drive him to the top.

Help Jim with a donation today!

Kevin Matz avatar.Mid-Atlantic Region: “Mr. 202352018” Kevin Matz

Kevin, like his favorite golfer and four-time NBA Champion, Steph Curry, is a multifaceted individual. Just as Steph excels not only on the basketball court and golf, but also in philanthropy, Kevin navigates both the CTA and philanthropic endeavors with finesse. While Steph Curry supports the Howard University golf team, Kevin exemplifies a commitment to excellence both in their respective fields and in giving back to their communities.

Support Kevin with a donation today!

Steven Trytten avatar.Western Region: “Titan” Steven Trytten

Steve “Titan” Trytten is swinging for the Longest Drive! Representing California and the Western Region, Steve wants to make a massive, come from behind, victory like his golf hero Collin Murikowa’s 2020 PGA Championship where Morikawa shot six under par, to secure a win in his home state of California. Western Region Fellows, help drive this Titan to a come from behind win!

Help Steve come from behind with your donation to The ACTEC Foundation!

Every dollar you donate to The ACTEC Foundation during the Challenge propels your favorite golfer’s ball another foot down the fairway–the longest drive wins! Golfers are members of the Board of Regents, and are “Teed-up” to represent their ACTEC Regions for their opening drive:

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