Lecture Series

Lloyd Leva Plaine Distinguished Lecture Series

Lloyd Leva Plaine was an accomplished Washington, D.C. estate planning attorney who, sadly, died too young, at the age of only 62 years, on February 2, 2010. Her many friends and colleagues formed the Lloyd Leva Plaine Memorial Fund at The ACTEC Foundation to establish a Lecture Series in her honor. The lectures are intended to recognize and celebrate Lloyd’s commitment to her profession and to perpetuate the spirit, interests, standards and contributions reflected in her career. The ACTEC Foundation supports a lecture series with the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning in her memory.

Michael GreenwaldMichael Greenwald, formerly with the U.S. Treasury Department, delivered the Lloyd Leva Plaine Distinguished Lecture on January 14, 2020, during the 54th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning conference. The ACTEC Foundation sponsored the lecture, the sixth in the series. Mr. Greenwald’s speech, The Future of Financial Warfare in an Era of Great Power Competition (PDF), focused on the new tools and tactics facing American financial systems and discussed how the U.S. must address these geoeconomic threats to economic and national security.​


Past Lectures Available for Download

  • Trevor Potter — Money in Politics: A Hydraulic or a Legal Issue? (PDF) For over a century federal law has attempted to regulate the sources and amounts of money in elections. The result proves to some that money is a hydraulic force: efforts to channel it only result in broken dikes and washed away dams. Others believe that the problem is in artful drafting, failed regulators, partisan greediness, the leveraging of the tax code to subvert the campaign finance laws, and a Supreme Court which has no understanding of how politics and the legislative system actually work. Which is it?
  • Jeffrey Tobin — The Supreme Court in the Age of Obama (PDF) Summary Prepared by Steve R. Akers. Mr. Toobin’s insights into the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts are not merely interesting but are also highly relevant to estate planning practices. After all, the U.S. Supreme Court has a substantial impact on the estate planning practice area.