The 2022 Spring Derby raised over $32,000 for The ACTEC Foundation!

May 23, 2022 | News

It was a race for the ages! Throughout the 2022 ACTEC Foundation Run for the Regions, the jockeys vied neck and neck to win the coveted Derby Cup! Farhad Aghdami on Sweet Virginia took home The Cup for the Southeast Region when he reached his fundraising goal of $3,000 on April 28, with Josh Husbands on Timber Jim placing by reaching his fundraising goal of $3,000 on May 12. Stephanie Tuthill and Canyon’s Edge captured third place by reaching her fundraising goal of $3,000 on May 16.

At the close of the race at 3:00 PM Eastern on May 23, the top three fundraisers in the 2022 ACTEC Foundation Race for the Regions were Farhad Aghdami on Sweet Virginia, who raised $7,150; Tara Pleat of 50 Shades of Hay, who raised $4,350; and Josh Husbands on Timber Jim, who raised $4,200.

The ACTEC Foundation enthusiastically applauds ALL of the jockeys!

  1. Southeast Region’s jockey is Farhad Aghdami on Sweet Virginia (WIN – First to cross the finish line on April 28)
  2. Mid-Atlantic’s jockey is Tara Pleat on 50 Shades of Hay
  3. Western Region’s jockey is (PLACE – Second to cross the finish line on May 12)
  4. Great Lakes Region’s jockey is John Furniss on Per Stirrups
  5. Rocky Mountain’s jockey is Stephanie Tuthill on Canyon’s Edge (SHOW – Third to cross the finish line on May 16)
  6. New England’s jockey is Janet Moore on Love that Copper Penny
  7. Heart of America’s jockey is Jeff Peetz on Heart of America
  8. Southern Region’s jockey is Miriam Henry on Bees Knees

The ACTEC Foundation thanks all of the Fellows who supported The Derby this year. Together, the jockeys, with the support of the ACTEC Fellows, raised over $32,000 to support ACTEC Foundation grants. Not only did Fellows support their Region’s jockey, but their donations will continue to fund the many important initiatives of The ACTEC Foundation including The Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders program, the Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition, the ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk, and the Family Estate Planning Guide, just to name a few.

Congratulations to Farhad and thank you to everyone who supported The ACTEC Foundation, especially the jockeys!

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