Race of the Regions Update – Win, Place or Show?

May 4, 2022 | News

Unbelievable! Farhad Aghdami, representing the Southeast Region on Sweet Virginia, is making hay in his flashy riding silks on his SECOND run around the track. Will he be able to reach $6,000 and round the track twice? Who will place and show in this year’s Derby? Your donation, large or small, will move your region closer to the finish line.

The Great Lakes’ John Furniss on Per Stirrups is almost two-thirds of the way to the finish line. Will he place?

Nearly tied for third and the coveted show position are Miriam Henry on Bees Knees and Jeff Peetz on Heart of America. Southern Fellows, show your support for Miriam and Bees Knees now! Your donation moves her a few lengths forward! And Heart of America Fellows, show your encouragement with a donation to the ACTEC Foundation to support Jeff on Heart of America today!

But don’t forget the back of the pack – there’s plenty of time for the Rocky Mountain’s Stephanie Tuthill on Canyon’s Edge, Western’s Josh Husbands on Timber Jim and the Mid-Atlantic’s Tara Pleat on 50 Shades of Hay to move into the winner’s circle! And, New England, Janet Moore on Love That Copper Penny stumbled out of the starting gate and is ready to sprint past the pack. Show you support to help Love That Copper Penny roll to the finish line.

You can put a little fire into the belly of their horses by donating today – each dollar donated moves them forward! We’re early in the race – keep your eyes on the Leaderboard and watch for Wednesday race information as well as the Weekly update on Fridays!

This race gets more exciting every week… stay tuned for further updates! Click on the rider’s name to donate.

Eight jockeys in the Run for the Cup:

Southeast Region’s jockey is Farhad Aghdami on Sweet Virginia
Great Lakes Region’s jockey is John Furniss on Per Stirrups
Heart of America’s jockey is Jeff Peetz on Heart of America
Southern Region’s jockey is Miriam Henry on Bees Knees
Western Region’s jockey is Josh Husbands on Timber Jim
Mid-Atlantic’s jockey is Tara Pleat on 50 Shades of Hay
Rocky Mountain’s jockey is Stephanie Tuthill on Canyon’s Edge
New England’s jockey is Janet Moore on Love that Copper Penny

Check the Leader Board daily and watch your email for updates every Wednesday until the Derby closes on May 3!

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