L. Henry Gissel, Jr. Race of the Yearlings – Home Stretch!

Apr 28, 2021 | News

This race is coming down to the wire! Lora Davis on the Patriot Gissel is still leading the thoroughbreds on the last leg and shows no signs of slowing. The Texas Fellows want to see their horse take the Cup, which State Chair Melissa Willms won last year! But Benetta Park on the chestnut filly BeastNoRest has not given up her fight for the lead. She is right on Lora’s tail and gaining. Can the Illinois Fellows help her pull off a win?

The Florida Fellows have REALLY stepped up the pressure! Charlie Nash on Buddy B. Inclusive is on the bit, gaining lengths on BeastNoRest, and is fighting to place or show in this race! A win is also not out of the question for this colt and the state of Florida in these final days of the Derby.

Alan Rothschild on Peach State Pony is trailing the pack by several lengths. Will his Georgia Fellows give him the momentum he needs to show and have a slot in the winner’s circle? And Bruce Ross on ACTECrox needs some fuel added to his tank! California Fellows – it’s time to double down on your support of ACTECrox as the Race of Yearlings rounds the home stretch! With your donations, Bruce can still bring the Cup home for California!

This race ends at noon Monday, May 3. Click on the rider’s name to donate today and check the  for daily race results.

Five jockeys in the Run for the Cup:


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