A Guide for Attorneys and Charitable Organizations

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel Foundation’s Disaster Preparedness Task Force expanded earlier work done by ACTEC’s Charitable Planning and Exempt Organizations Committee to gather and summarize resources regarding options for providing charitable assistance to those impacted by disasters, outlined this free guide for use by ACTEC Fellows, members of the broader legal community and philanthropic organizations. This guide provides an overview of options and best practices for attorneys assisting donors and charitable organizations hoping to provide disaster relief to survivors after a traumatic event. The guide also references various detailed sources available to consult throughout the life cycle of a disaster relief organization.

When disaster hits, this information will be critical in assisting individuals and communities to recover and return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

Kathleen R. (Kathy) Sherby

ACTEC Fellow

Guide for Attorneys

Charitable Planning for Disaster Relief

Document with Recommendations for Attorneys & Charitable Organizations