Iowa Law Review Symposium Articles Available Online

Oct 22, 2018 | News

ACTEC Fellow and Professor Thomas Gallanis states that the articles from The ACTEC Foundation/Iowa Law Review symposium held at the University of Iowa College of Law on “Wealth Transfer Law in Comparative and International Perspective” are now published and available for review.

The published works include:

The symposium featured the 16 articles including the keynote address listed above. Speakers came from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Israel, and Asia.

In the introduction to the symposium issue, ACTEC Fellows and Professors Thomas Gallanis and Sheldon Kurtz expressed their deep gratitude to the ACTEC Foundation for its generous support and to the ACTEC Legal Education Committee (and its symposium selection subcommittee) for selecting Iowa for the symposium. Their introduction is available for review at the link below:



The ACTEC Foundation Board of Directors and the College’s Legal Education Committee would like to acknowledge Fellows Thomas Gallanis and Sheldon Kurtz for their leadership in the success of the Symposium.


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