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The ACTEC Foundation promotes scholarship and education in trust, estate, tax, and related areas of the law by supporting scholarship to improve the law and by encouraging teaching, careers and life-long learning thanks to the financial support of ACTEC Fellows.



Trust and Estate Professionals

“We educate ourselves, we educate others, and we provide materials out into the broader community, and we think collectively, that’s how we impact the profession.”

— ACTEC Past-President John (Jack) A. Terrill II

ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk Podcast

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ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk
The ACTEC Commentaries on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Information for Clients and the General Public

“I found your website via a T. Rowe Price document on estate planning. I want you to know that this and other videos are some of the simplest and most thorough that I’ve watched on estate planning etc. They are clear, great questions, great examples, simple language. Thanks!!!”
— Edward from Dallas, Texas

ACTEC Family Estate Planning Guide

Resources for Law Students

Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders

The Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program is designed to encourage the development of leadership skills in future leaders of the trust and estate practice while advancing diversity. Initiated in collaboration with the American Bar Association’s Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section (RPTE)

“I was so incredibly grateful to have been chosen by The ACTEC Foundation as a Dennis I. Belcher Young Leader because it gave me an additional motivation and incentive and helped ease the financial burden to keep me involved to the degree that was; it actually deepened my engagement in trust and estates law.”
— Toni Ann Kruse, ACTEC Fellow 2020

Mary Moers Wenig
Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders

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