ACTEC Foundation 2021 Spring Derby

The L. Henry Gissel, Jr. Race of the Yearlings has begun! Five jockeys, newbies to The ACTEC Foundation Board, are pushing their horses to the clubhouse turn in this year’s most anticipated horse race. The race will run from April 1 through May 3. This year’s jockeys include Lora G. Davis, Charlie I. Nash, Benetta Y. Park, Bruce S. Ross, and Alan F. Rothschild, Jr. and guarantees to be a nail-biter.

The derby track is 1.25 miles long (2,200 yards) and horses will advance a yard for every dollar donated. Place your bet (donation) to ensure your thoroughbred is a leader in the final stretch. Announcements will be shared weekly on Wednesdays via an email to ACTEC Fellows.

Foundation Derby Racetrack
Foundation Derby Racetrack

The Leaderboard will be updated on Wednesdays and Fridays during the derby. For daily positions please visit the race page.

The Patriot Gissel pushed out and took the lead by a nose from BeastNoRest. A few lengths behind them Peach State Pony and ACTECrox are battling it out for third. Buddy B. Inclusive is trailing on the rail but building up steam. This race gets more exciting every week! 

Below are the race positions as of Friday, April 14 at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Postition 3



Position 4

Peach State Pony


Peach State Pony

Position 2




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The Patriot Gissel
Horse: The Patriot Gissel 
Jockey: Lora G. Davis

The Patriot Gissel is a hot missile anxious to honor Past Foundation President L. Henry Gissel Jr. with a win. Jockey Lora Davis has been training this filly hard and it has a history of pushing out on the backstretch.

Buddy B. Inclusive
Horse: Buddy B. Inclusive​
Jockey: Charles I. Nash

Buddy B. Inclusive’s sire is a sprinter with a Triple Crown win. Jockey Charlie Nash has the experience to handle this spirited Florida yearling and promises to make the race very competitive.

Horse: BeastNoRest
Jockey: Benetta Y. Park

BeastNoRest and Jockey Benetta Park can be slow out of the gate but has a strong stride around the turns. Keep an eye on this filly!

Horse: ACTECrox
Jockey: Bruce S. Ross

ACTECrox knows how to deliver a beatdown and has had an impressive showing at “The Great Race Place” in Santa Anita Park. Jockey Bruce Ross promises to make this ride competitive!

Peach State Pony
Horse: Peach State Pony
Jockey: Alan F. Rothschild, Jr

Georgia-born and bred Peach State Pony has been breaking records on southern tracks. Jockey Alan Rothschild is known for pushing this mudder hard to the finish line.