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A Successful Run for the Spring Derby

Congratulations to all seven jockeys in the 2020 inaugural ACTEC Foundation Spring Derby! The Executive Committee of the Foundation, together with the Immediate Past President, raised more than $22,000. All seven jockeys crossed the finish line, each raising a minimum of $2,200, with winner Melissa Willms on OverWillms’d making her way around the track twice!

Winner’s Circle photos will appear in the next edition of The ACTEC Foundation newsletter. Melissa will be awarded the first ACTEC Foundation Derby Cup at the Fall 2020 meeting.

The Spring Derby jockeys would like to thank all of you who made their Run for the Cup so successful. Your donations promote scholarship and education in trust, estate, tax and related areas of the law by supporting scholarship to improve the law and by encouraging teaching, careers and life-long learning. Through the Foundation’s support, more than 100 Trust and Estate Talk podcasts have been produced with more than 100,000 downloads; the Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition rewards and encourages law students to produce scholarly works in the area of trusts and estates – the current Competition closes June 30, 2020; and the 6th Edition of The ACTEC Commentaries on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct is currently being prepared.

Your donations to The ACTEC Foundation support all of this work and more. Thank you for helping to make the Foundation’s first Spring Derby a great success!

Support Your Favorite Jockey

Uncle Phil
Horse: Uncle Phil
Jockey: Jeffrey C. Thede

Uncle Phil is a horse who likes to take the early lead. This Oregon horse knows how to run like a champion! Jockey Jeff Thede is determined to get out of the gates quickly since it is his first race of the season. This sprinter, known for winning by many lengths, is hoping to win the Spring Derby by more than 8 lengths.

Keeps on Giving
Horse: Keeps on Giving
Jockey: Kathleen R. Sherby

Missouri champion Keeps on Giving embodies Missouri’s show-me attitude: show me the roses! Jockey Kathy Sherby says that Keeps on Giving will be the fourth filly to take the Derby and means to keep her word!

Hope Springs Eternal
Horse: Hope Springs Eternal
Jockey: John T. Rogers, Jr.

Hope Springs Eternal right out of the gate! This winning horse is making his first run at Churchill Downs. Ridden by jockey John Rogers, he is one to watch. John Rogers has been anticipating hearing that iconic “Riders Up” for his entire career – this is his first go at the Derby.

Riding It Out
Horse: Riding It Out
Jockey: Christopher B. Hunt

Riding It Out comes from a long line of Derby winners. Can Riding It Out live up to his family heritage? Although Riding It Out hasn’t won a race, he’s hoping to duplicate Sir Barton’s 1919 feat and take the Triple Crown – jockey Chris Hunt is determined to see Riding It Out make it to the Winners Circle.

Horse: OverWillms’d 
Jockey: Melissa J. Willms

OverWillms’d is fired up to take the first leg of the Triple Crown! Ridden by jockey Melissa Willms, this horse is a crowd favorite for his fast starts and skill in overtaking rival horses. Melissa’s goal is to out-do Shelley Riley and become the first female jockey to win the Derby.

Thunder Road
Horse: Thunder Road
Jockey: James M. Maddox

Hot-footed Thunder Road from New Mexico is a crowd-pleaser right out of the gate. Jockey Jim Maddox has a history of competitive last-minute wins. Keep an eye on this outside finisher once the race begins as he plans to go from the Derby to the Preakness!

Horse: Persistence 
Jockey: L. Henry Gissel, Jr.

Persistence lives up to his name. Known for a slow start out of the gate, his steady pace and drive mean more wins for Jockey Henry Gissel. Don’t count him out if you see a slow start! He always finishes strong.