L. Henry Gissel, Jr. Race of the Yearlings – April 14 Derby Update

Apr 14, 2021 | News

Fellows, we have a nail-biter here! Texas jockey Lora Davis on The Patriot Gissel pushed out and just stole the lead from Benetta Park on BeastNoRest after this Illinois jockey held the lead for the last week! Having circled the track twice now, can Lora Davis and The Patriot Gissel hold first place with two more weeks to go in the race? These two fillies are neck-and-neck here! Your donation could mean the difference between a clear win and a photo finish!

There is another turn of foot in progress! Georgia jockey Alan Rothschild on Peach State Pony is running strong in third place! But jockey Bruce Ross on ACTECrox, representing California, is fighting for contention and pulling out all the stops! One big donation could catapult either Alan or Bruce to the head of the pack and take that lead away from Lora!

Florida Fellows! Support your own Charlie Nash on Buddy B. Inclusive, who is seven lengths back and trailing the set! Charlie needs your donations to push the Sunshine State onto the rail and into the lead!

This race gets more exciting every week… stay tuned for further updates! Click on the rider’s name to donate.

Five jockeys in the Run for the Cup:

Check the Leader Board daily and watch your email for updates every Wednesday until the Derby closes on May 3!

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