The ACTEC Foundation Run for the Spring Derby Update I

Jun 4, 2020 | News

The 2020 ACTEC Foundation Spring Derby is well underway! Jockey Melissa Willms on OverWillms’d is very close to taking the win! Chris Hunt, on Riding It Out, is coming up on her flank; so she needs to look out if she wants to pull this win off. Right on Riding It Out’s tail is Jim Maddox riding Thunder Road, and Henry Gissel on Persistence, making a strong play for third. Jockey Kathy Sherby on Keeps on Giving is in fifth place, looking to gain some yards to move into fourth. Jeff Thede on Uncle Phil and Hope Springs Eternal, ridden by John Rogers, are in the back of the field struggling to break out and into their stride.

Check the Leader Board daily and watch your email for updates every Wednesday until the Derby closes on June 22!  

Remember, all seven jockeys have a goal of raising $2,200 for The ACTEC Foundation. Every dollar you donate not only moves their horses forward but supports projects the Foundation funds, like the Dennis I. Belcher Young Leaders Program; the Student Editorial Board at Hofstra University, which supports the ACTEC Law Journal; and the Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition. Do your part to invest in tomorrow’s trust and estate leaders – the future of the College – and cheer on your favorite jockey by donating today. John Rogers and Chris Hunt could really use your encouragement to spur their horses on to victory!

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