The ACTEC Foundation Run for The Spring Derby Update III

Jun 17, 2020 | News

The inaugural ACTEC Foundation Spring Debry is one for the record books! Salute your first-time jockeys for their fantastic Run for the Cup!

WIN: Melissa Willms on OverWillsm’d – Melissa is on her second lap of the track as she demonstrates Texas Fellow pride!

PLACE: Henry Gissel on Persistence – Henry’s stride was long and strong as he gave OverWillsm’d cause to look over her shoulder, hearing the pounding of hoofs.

SHOW: Chris Hunt on Riding It Out – Chris spurred his horse as he rounded the last bend to take 3rd place in the derby.

All three of these first-time winners have met their fundraising goal of $2,200! Now we need to bring the rest of our jockeys and their horses over the finish line.

In fourth place and coming on strong to the finish line is ! Your donation to support Kathy today could push her over the finish line! Following very close on Keeps on Giving’s tail is . In fifth and sixth places are and . Both Jeff and John could REALLY use your support to hit the finish line and make their individual fundraising goals of $2,200 before the Debry closes on Monday, June 22! Help the rest of the field of jockeys across the finish line and support The ACTEC Foundation!

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