L. Henry Gissel, Jr. Race of the Yearlings – April 21 Derby Update

Apr 21, 2021 | News

Derby Update – April 21, 2021

All five jockeys have run the track once and are on their way around again! By barely a nose, Benetta Park on has stolen the lead once again from , ridden by jockey Lora Davis. These fillies are burning up the track and you will want to watch this race closely as these two are in close contention. We may have a photo finish on Monday, May 3 as Illinois and Texas battle it out.

has leaped into third place and is gaining fast on the fillies! Florida Fellows stepped up to move their state’s favorite jockey, Charlie Nash, forward. Alan Rothschild on is barely a length behind Nash and is gaining fast! Fellows of Florida and Georgia – who will make sure their jockey is in third? Make your donations now to move your favorite jockey forward.

California Fellows – it’s up to you to help out your own Bruce Ross on ! He’s trailing in last place – donate now to move California into contention for this race!

This race gets more exciting every week… stay tuned for further updates! Click on the rider’s name to donate.

Five jockeys in the Run for the Cup:

Check the daily and watch your email for updates every Wednesday until the Derby closes at noon ET on May 3!


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