2017 Fall Meeting Bike Ride Fundraiser

We’ve asked Bob Temmerman to lead another cycling adventure for the 2017 Fall Meeting in Nashville, TN. This year’s cycling adventure will depart the Natchez, Mississippa area on Saturday October 14 and will have stops in the area before arriving at the Omni on Thursday morning, October 19 in time to make your first committee meeting.

Bob and his team will cover just under 400 miles in 6 days of riding. The cost of the fully supported cycling trip including lodging, food and support vehicle with mechanic/staff is about $1750 per person double occupancy and about $2350 for single occupancy. I am looking for 10-12 cyclists who wish to join me in this fundraising effort. Alternatively, if you can’t join me, you can always contribute one hour of your billable time to the ACTEC Foundation and I will happily accept that as a legitimate excuse for not joining us on this ride.

And even if you don’t personally want to undertake this adventure, you may have a spouse, son or daughter that might be interested in attempting this challenge. And if you can’t ride every mile, you can put your bike in the support van and be ferried to the top of the mountain for coasting down to the next climb or be driven to the next town. This is a ride I tried to make manageable for most semi-athletic individuals. If this adventure is something that you might consider undertaking as part of your new year resolution to stay fit and healthy and want to find out more, drop me an e-mail at my personal email at bobtemm@gmail.com and I will tell you why you can do this ride and why you should do this ride.

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